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Top 10 Technologies That Could Emerge in 2020

2020 is seen as a year which could witness the culmination of years of hard work put in by scientists and researchers from across the world in developing technologies that will play a key role in shaping our future. From medicine to mobile technologies, there have been huge strides taken by the scientific community, all of which have been done to accommodate the increasing needs of the average human being.

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Here are 10 exciting technologies that have huge potential in them and are marked to make the debut in the near future:

1) The Internet of Things

This initiative takes the application of the internet from a medium to connect communication devices to interconnect each and every electronic device and appliance around us, including the cars that we drive, with each other by providing each of them with their own IP addresses. These devices are then free to exchange information with each other through wireless internet at whenever and wherever they are.

2) Virtual Display Screens

Though mobiles and portable devices are getting smaller, powerful, slimmer by the day, but there is still some way to go before they are completely able to replace desktops and laptops in our lives. One good reason why desktops and laptops are still required is because they offer a large and much better display than mobile devices. Mobile screens are perfect for typing SMS or even short mails, but clearly they are not yet fit for handling multi-page documents and office slides.

Virtual display screens are expected to solve this problem in the near future, which holographic displays and retinal displays being developed. While holographic images can be viewed in 3D, concerns regarding privacy can be addressed with retinal displays, which project the screen or image directly on the viewer’s retina.


Build Your Own Phone, yes, it’s possible if one goes by Google’s Ara project. Almost every smartphone user wishes for a larger battery, or more memory, or a better camera, or more speakers, or even more number of processors in their phone. This quest for the perfect smartphone that can cater to all kinds of user needs led Google to come up with project Ara. This concept allows people to assemble their own phone with desired components and modify the functionality of their smartphones on their own.

4) Wi-Fi Based Phones

Until now, mobile phones have traditionally continued to work mainly on CDMA, GSM, 4G or 5G communication technologies for voice calls, with Wi-Fi coming in as an additional option for internet access. But with the rise of mobile phones which work specifically on Wi-Fi networks, people will not have to depend on mobile network carriers or enter into contracts with them. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be used to make all types of calls potentially rendering the traditional mechanism less useful for people.

5) Mobile ePayment

Mobile phones are under the process of replacing those slick plastic cards that we carry in with us, and instead can now make payments when we go out to shop. This new mode of electronic payment via mobile apps is already visible in the form of Google Wallet. Pay bills, send or receive money through your mobile phone in a secure manner.

6) Wearable Devices

Wearable technology has not remained limited to Google Glass or Samsung Gear, but has moved on to tinier computing devices offering impressive mobile app development, including body-adapted devices which take the shape of the body where they are placed. Packed with a variety of sensors and GPS, these devices can continuously record, store and transmit data to another device, which could be the user’s phone, laptop, or any other device. A doctor can now monitor the health of his or her patients from thousands of miles away, this is possible now.

7) Mind Controlled Computers

Brain-computer interfaces, which read brain signals and interpret them in machine language, have been used in the field of medicine to give control over artificial limbs to patients. Furthering this technology, the focus has not shifted to facilitate the connectivity of the human brain with computers. For example, imagine how cool it would be if you could operate your computer and search the internet while you use your hands to prepare yourself a sandwich or take notes.

Similar to this, there have been efforts which aim to connect brains of two individual entities which then could work in tandem in accomplishing common tasks. All of this is possible through brain-computer interfaces.

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8) Mobile Device Management in Office

Many large corporations are embracing the idea of allowing employees to bring and work on their own device in the office by simply connecting to a shared office network and accessing data through cloud storage. The advantage here is the reduced need for office resources such as desktops or laptops, and only leaves the task of maintaining a cloud based network in the office premise on the administration. But such arrangements also require very strong network security protocols to protect against unauthorized access and to identify and manage different devices connected to the network.

9) Mobile Batteries with Increased Life

Dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, there is no stopping mobile manufacturers who are hell bent on stuffing as much as they can into a single mobile phone. The more powerful a mobile is, the more quickly it drains the battery. Therefore considerable work is being done to ensure that future batteries are able to cope with the increasing use of power-hungry parts in mobile phones. Lithium Ion batteries which store 20% more power than are already being sold, and work is being done on Li-On batteries with 50% extra capacity. Silicone nanotube anodes are also being employed to design mobile batteries with a long running time.

10) Quantified Human Behavior for Predictive Analysis

Our mobiles remain with us throughout the day, and collect a lot of our data such as music, pictures, voice, data, and GPS location. All this information collected from millions of users is being collectively studied for predictive analysis. Researchers are analyzing all this information through algorithms to come up with more accurate models on human behavior.

These are just 10 of the emerging technological trends that will the point of focus this year and next year too. Besides these, there is plenty of work going on behind the scenes other fields as well, especially concerning the development of Artificial Intelligence. Which ones to do find in the market this year, remains to be seen.





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